Accusorb MRI

Safety Note

This device is lead free and offers no X-Ray protection. It is not approved for use on patients with ferromagnetic or electronic implants, devices, or objects.  This device blocks RF and does not block magnetic energy. Although currently under study, it is not approved to protect or shield an implant, device, or product during a scan. If a patient is not safe in the MRI scanner without use of this product they will not be safe in the MRI scanner while using this product.

Please note that spacers are mentioned in our safety instructions and may be necessary for the safe use of our products. They can be purchased through many MRI product distributors, two of which distribute these products:

Accusorb MRI® Safety

Accusorb MRI®/Safety & Instructions for Use

Slideshow on Safety Testing

Accusorb MRI® MSDS Document


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