Accusorb MRI

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Accusorb MRI®?
Accusorb MRI® is a flexible, very easy to use medical device used in MRI imaging. When wrapped around a body part will make the covered area disappear from the field of view of the scan without the use of any other software or hardware.

Why should I use Accusorb MRI®?
There are many good reasons! Click here to view Accusorbs benefits.

I’m not having any difficulties with my scans; why use Accusorb MRI®?
While Accusorb MRI® will probably not improve an already excellent scan, there are good reasons to consider its use - please see the above answer!

Does it work?
Absolutely! Please see our list of established applications and testimonials. Many more are being developed.

How does it work?
Accusorb MRI® is made of layers of radio frequency reflectors and absorbers that block RF from exciting areas of the body which it covers. Over 99% of the RF is reflected and or absorbed so that literally no signal is returned to a coil from those covered areas.

How do I use Accusorb MRI®

See our Accusorb MRI® Applications and also our Instructions for Use.

Is Accusorb MRI® safe to use?
Testing done on this material using very aggressive sequences (producing high SAR rates) show no appreciable heating of the material either on the patient side or the scanner side.
Please see our
Safety Instructions.

Is Accusorb MRI® reusable?
Accusorb MRI® products are constructed of very durable materials and are designed to be reused many times.
We anticipate the life of the product with normal use to be more more than three years with no maintenance required. Accusorb MRI® products should be replaced three years after initial use.

How do I clean Accusorb MRI®?
Accusorb MRI® can be cleaned with any approved medical sanitizer solution.

Can I image someone with a pacemaker?
No – see our safety notice.

Is it USFDA Approved?
Yes, Accusorb MRI® is a Class I exempt medical device.

Is it Approved for use in Europe?
Yes, Accusorb MRI® is CE Certified as a medical device and accepted for use in Europe.
All Accusorb MRI® product is shipped with the CE mark.

How can I make sure my image is the best it can be using Accusorb?
Always use the largest field of view possible

Can I develop my own procedure?
End-users are constantly suggesting new uses for Accusorb MRI®.
Please contact us for our input prior to this work for our review.

If I have a potential new application for Accusorb MRI® will you work with me to develop it?
Millimeter Wave Technology and our agents work with many researchers and facilities developing new applications. We consider this to be an ongoing investment in our products future.
We welcome companies and individuals to join us in doing so.

Who should I contact?
For Accusorb MRI® product sales, please contact one of our distributors (see our list). For technical inquiries, please contact MWT Materials, Inc.