Accusorb MRI

Accusorb MRI® has shown to be an effective tool by:

ˇ   Making otherwise difficult or impossible scans easy to do (by eliminating image wrap around).
ˇ   Increasing patient comfort (no need to hold difficult positions).
ˇ   Reducing breath holding time (by reducing scan time).
ˇ   Reducing the number of repeat scans (by eliminating artifacts).
ˇ   Increasing patient throughput (by reducing scan time).
ˇ   Decreasing scan times without sacrificing scan quality (with anti-aliasing software turned off).
ˇ   Eliminating noise caused by implants or onplants that are otherwise MRI safe.
ˇ   Reducing the need to constantly adjust scan protocols with each software upgrade.
ˇ   Adding another device to the MRI professional’s toolbox.